Functions Of Every Part Of A Compound Bow

In this modern time, a lot of hunters prefer to use the best compound bow, instead of using some weapons that have fatal characteristics. Using a compound bow is considered to be humane to the animals. The reason is that hunting is just humane when it is a kind of sport and of course, in sport, there is no animal killed.

compound bowI have done several researches about hunting and almost all of them indicate that hunters ought to use the weapons that lesson the damages to the animals. That is why the compound bow is much more favored nowadays. In this article, I will provide you with more information about the structure and functions of each part of this weapon.

Compound Bow Limbs And Limb Bolts

The limb is of the most importance when it comes to the structure of a compound bow. The two limbs of the bow are like the two arms of human beings. The limbs bend to resist the strong force of the wind.

The limb has top limb and limb dampeners. The limbs of the bow help to keep the idler wheels stable all the time. Therefore, they take an important part in building up the power of a modern bow. The limbs also have two limb bolts.

Bow Strings And The Suppressor

The strings are rolled by the two idler wheels of the compound bow. When we use the bow, we will need the arrow which will stretch the strings to create strong force to push the arrow farther.

After using, we will roll the strings with the string suppressor. The suppressor is also used to adjust the elasticity of the string. With this part, it is much more convenient for us to adjust the force create to bring the arrow far.

Idler Wheel

As said above, the idler wheels are used to roll in and out the strings of the bow. These two wheels are mounted on the limbs of the bow so they are kept stable all the time.

Front Sight

To help hunters shoot exactly, the compound bow should be equipped with a front sight, especially for PSE Brute X Compound bow. You know that the front sight for the bow is like a scope for a hunting rifle or a hunting gun.

The hunters will see through the front sight in order to observe the animals with clearance. In case we catch the prey at a long distance we had better use the front sight in order to shoot more exactly.

These are some main parts of the compound bow. They have clear functions and it is our responsibility to understand all of them if we want to increase the effectiveness in using the compound bow.


We cannot deny that compound bow is one effective weapon in hunting. It has strong power but is still very humane. By analyzing and understanding the structure of this tool, hunters will know how to use it more effectively. I believe that the details in this article will help you a lot when you go on a hunting trip with the support of compound bows.

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